Key Features and Benefits
Performance Disk Storage is a pool of high-speed storage that will hold data exposed to a virtual machine to act as file storage.

Performance disk storage is typically used for “active” data when data is accessed frequently and because it is in constant use in applications. Performance is important at this layer of tiered storage.

Backup and Archiving for Performance Disk Storage is required and included in the rate. Features include:

  • Twice daily shadow copies (Self Service user recovery)
  • Nightly backup
  • Retention of files up to 1 Year
  • Offsite backup sent to 3rd party vendor “Iron Mountain”

Getting Started
Create an IT ticket to request assistance. A specialist will review with you to determine final requirements and provide an estimate.

If a consultation was previously requested, please provide all details.

Available to
Faculty, Researchers

Must have approved research funding. FOAP must be provided.

This service is fee based. You should expect an annual rate increase of 3-3.5%; please budget accordingly.

  • Performance Disk – $0.50/GB/year – No Backup / Archive
  • Performance Disk – $1.00/GB/year – with Backup / Archive
  • Additional costs may be required for virtual machine setup and support as outlined in the service offering “Research Dedicated Compute (Virtual Servers)”


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