How can I delete a Bookings Calendar?

Only an administrator can delete a Bookings calendar.

If you want to temporarily remove access to your Bookings calendar, please follow these steps to unpublish your calendar (shared links to your Booking page will not work until you re-publish the calendar):

  1. Classic Bookings
    • Browse to the Bookings page and select Unpublish at the top of the page
  2. New Bookings
    • Browse to the Booking page under Settings.
    • Click the down arrow (v) under Configure booking page.
    • Select No self-service and then Save at the top of the page.

Request to delete a Bookings Calendar

To have a Bookings calendar deleted:

  1. Remove the staff
  2. Remove access to the calendar using the steps above.
  3. Click on the CREATE AN IT TICKET link.
    • Identify that you would like to delete a Bookings calendar in the Short Description.
    • Include the name of the Bookings calendar you would like deleted in the Details/Additional Info box.

Additional Information

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