Microsoft 365 Apps is a version of Office that's available through the UM Microsoft 365 plan. Our Core Apps include the applications that you're familiar with, including Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated email, calendar, file storage, tasks and contacts
  • Feature-rich web interface
  • Seamless mobile integration
  • Integration between all Office applications and collaboration tool
  • Enhanced malware and spam protection from Microsoft
  • 99.9% service uptime guarantee

Note: Project and Visio aren't included with Microsoft 365 Apps, but are available from other subscription plans

Getting Started
First, sign into the Office 365 portal. Completing this step will verify that your license was correctly provisioned:

  • Open a web-browser on your device and navigate to
  • Sign-in using your UM email address and password. The Office 365 home page will open and display your most recently used applications and documents.
  • To launch any application not displayed on the Home page, click on the icon in the top-left corner of the page. This is the App launcher icon.

The online version will always provide you with the newest version of the Office applications regardless whether you are accessing it from your UM provisioned computer, a shared UM computer or your own PC or Mac.

Remember, your login will be your UM email address and password. This means that any information you save to the cloud on your personal devices will be stored on the university’s cloud.

Install Office on your UM-owned Windows computer

If your faculty or unit is supported by Information Services and Technology (IST) follow these instructions:

  • If you are working remotely, connect to the UM network using VPN (Pulse Secure).
  • In Software Center (click start, type Software Center in the search bar), Office 365 ProPlus 64-bit application should be present with two options: Install (runs the installer immediately) and Schedule.
  • Clicking ‘Schedule’ offers the choice of letting you install ‘Outside of business hours’, which by default is 10 PM. You can view your business hours in the Options area of Software Center.
  • If ‘Install software now’ is selected and if clients currently have any Microsoft office products running you will receive a prompt to close Microsoft apps. Clicking continue will close the respected applications and the install will continue.
  • The install usually takes around 20 minutes to complete and is fully automated. A successful install should display a window confirming that it is installed.

If your faculty or unit is supported by department IT administrators, they will provide you with instructions on how to install Microsoft 365 Apps on your device.

Install Office on your UM-owned Mac computer

If your Mac is supported by IST and has the Parallels Mac Management client, please follow these instructions.
Under System Preferences, run Parallels Mac Management.

In Parallels Mac Management, click the Settings icon and select Connect.  This will refresh the available software applications which have been applied to the respected Mac

From Launchpad or Applications in Finder, select Parallels Application Portal.

In Parallels Application Portal select Microsoft Office for Mac (365) and click Install.  Note: if you do not have this Application listed, it is likely because your Mac has not been added to the correct Device Collection in SCCM.  Contact the Service Desk to have your Mac added to the correct SCCM collection.

If your Mac is not supported by IST, the manual installer can be found here:
T:\Software Distribution\Microsoft\Office for Mac\Office 365 – Mac\

Install Office on a Personal Computer

  • To find out how to install office on a personal computer or home device, click the link below:

Download and install or reinstall Office 365 on a PC or Mac

Additional Information

Additional information can be found on the Microsoft 365 site:

Available to

Staff, Faculty and Students

A Valid UMnetID, UM email and an assigned M365 license is required

For the best security and functionality, keep your web browser up to date. All modern browsers should update automatically, but please make sure your browser has auto-updates enabled.

For information on which browsers, Office clients, and apps are supported for Office 365, please visit the Office 365 System Requirements page on the Microsoft website.

There is no additional cost for any Faculty, Staff and Students


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