Enable Bitlocker Using SCCM

IST will be automatically deploying Bitlocker to all Windows computers. The process will be mostly transparent, but you may be required to restart your machine. IST strongly recommends saving your work before running the installation.

Please read the instructions below to understand what to expect during this install.

When Bitlocker is deployed, you will see a notification from the Software Centre:

bitlocker instructions 1

You will be able to apply the changes right away or select any of the other available options. If no selection is made, Bitlocker encryption will be installed at the deadline displayed within the dialog box.

How to manually enable Bitlocker

You may choose to enable Bitlocker from the Software Center at a time that is convenient to you.

1.    Search for Software Center on Start Menu -> Go to Operating Systems Tab and click on Enable Bitlocker:

Bitlocker instructions 2

2.    Save all your work and close all applications before you click Install on the Enable Bitlocker screen:

 Bitlocker 3

3.    The installation will begin and show a progress bar. Some computers will require a restart one or more times to prepare the system. If a restart is required, the system with show a countdown timer and proceed without user input.


4.    The Software Center will also display the installation progress:

enable bitlocker


5.    Once Bitlocker is fully installed, the Software Center will show the status as Installed. In case of a failure, the status will set to Failed. 

Please contact the IST Service Desk with any issues, questions or concerns about the new service.

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