Computationally Intensive Processes on CCU/Linux

The CC Unix/Linux system is a shared resource used by thousands of students, faculty and staff of The University of Manitoba. To help facilitate that sharing, IST – Technology Services has developed a policy governing computationally intensive processes.

The policy is intended to allow computing resources, particularly cpu time and virtual memory, to be available for use by all users while still providing the needed computing power for the University community's academic and research requirements.

On the general CCL system (“ccldesktop”, login servers), users are asked to run no more than three such jobs at any one time, and no more than one such process on any one CCL server.

Exempt from the policy are:

  • "compute" designated computers and
  • computers operated as part of CCU on behalf of other University units.

Processes in excess of the limitations may be terminated without notice. Processes within the limit but seriously affecting system function will be terminated. IST may suspend userids responsible for repeated incidents.

Users with research or academic computing requirements in excess of the resources available under this policy should create an IT Ticket.


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