Accessing a Shared Mailbox in Entourage 2008 Standard Edition

Note: These instructions only apply to Entourage 2008 without Web Services Edition installed. To check to see if your Entourage 2008 has Web Services Edition installed, go to the Entourage menu and click About Entourage.

The second line of the dialog box will tell you if your version of Entourage is the Web Services Edition. The words "Web Services Edition" should NOT appear on the second line, as illustrated below:

If the second line includes the words "Web Services Edition," please do not use this document. Instead follow the instructions on the document titled "Accessing a Shared Mailbox (Formerly Generic Account) in Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition".

Note: Once this procedure is performed, the shared mailbox will remain in Entourage until it is removed.

Note: You cannot access a shared mailbox unless you have permissions to the account. If you do not have permission to open the shared mailbox, contact the owner of the account so that he or she can grant you access.

1. Open Entourage 2008. If necessary, log into your Exchange account with your Username and password.

2. Click on the Entourage menu, and then click Account Settings.

3. Double click the U of M Exchange in the Accounts window.

4. Click on the Delegate tab.

5. Under Users I am a delegate for, click the Add button.

6. Type the username of the account that you want to add without the Click Find. Select the account from the list and click Advanced.

7. In the Server address type:<generic account e-mail>. (For Example, if the generic account is, you would type Then click OK.

8. The mailbox should appear under Users I am a delegate for. Click OK and close the Accounts window.

9. The shared mailbox should appear in your folder list. Click the triangle next to the account to expand and see the folders within the account.

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