Move Mail Marked as Junk Back to Your Inbox Using Outlook 2011

Occasionally valid messages are inadvertently sent into the your Junk Mail folder. There are two reasons why this could happen; there might be a "trigger" word in the title of the document (e.g., Viagra), or the e-mail is sent to hundreds of different people.

You can mark a valid message, as Not Junk and it will move back into your mailbox. In Outlook 2011 you can first mark the mail as Not Junk and then set the sender's domain as safe in your Entourage software.

NOTE: Check your Junk Mail folder daily to make sure you do not miss any valid messages.

Mark an E-mail as Not Junk

1. Open Outlook 2011.

2. Click to select the Junk E-mail folder.

3. Review the messages in the folder. If you see a message that is not junk, click once on the message to select it.

4. Right-click the message and select Junk Mail then Mark as Not Junk.

5. The e-mail is returned to the Inbox.

Set a Safe Sender

1. Open Outlook 2011.

2. On the Home tab select Junk then Junk E-mail Protection.

3. Click the Level or Safe Domains tab then select the level of coverage you wish.

4. Click OK.


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