How To Create a Rule for Incoming Tagged Junk Mail in Entourage 2008 Using Exchange Mail

Depending on the level you have set your automatic junk mail filter to (How To Automatically Filter Junk Mail Using Entourage 2008 for Exchange Mail (Faculty/Staff)), you can set a Rule to move any potential junk mail that might be placed in your Inbox to go directly to your JunkMail folder.

1. Open Entourage 2008.

2. Go to Tools then select Rules.

3. On the Rules window, select the Mail (Exchange) tab.

4. Click the New button (upper left corner of Rule window) and the Edit Rule window appears.

5. In the Rule name: field, enter JUNK (or whatever name you wish).

6. Under the If section:

• Click the drop down arrow beside Execute and select if any criteria are met.

• In the drop down menus below the Execute command, you should select Subject, Contains, and in the field to the right enter [POTENTIAL JUNK MAIL].

7. Under the Then section:

• The drop down menu beside Change Status change to Junk E-mail.

• In the drop down menu below the Change Status, select Move Message then Choose Folder.

• Select your Junk Mail folder, then click Choose.

8. Click OK.

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