How to Configure an Android Phone for Exchange Mail, Calendar and Contacts

Important: It is good practice to be sure your mobile device is running the most recent OS operating system available. The mobile operating system of your smartphone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or tablet computer is the software platform that controls everything on that device. Check your Manufacturer's website for instructions on how to update your system.

1. Tap the menu button, then press Settings.

2. Tap Accounts and sync.

3. Tap Add account.

4. Tap Corporate.

5. Enter your e-mail address into the Email address field using your Directory ID.

6. Enter your password into the Password field using your Directory ID Password.

7. Tap the OK button when promoted by the Remote security administration dialog box.

8. Tap the Next button when Account options is displayed.
9. To sync calendar and contacts, check the appropriate boxes.

10. Enter an optional name for the e-mail account, tap Done.

11. Tap on the Update Security Settings notification.

12. Tap the Activate button when prompted to Activate Device Administration?

13. Your Exchange account is now configured.


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