Compare Outlook Web Access (OWA) Premium and Light Versions for Exchange Calendar

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is available in two editions: Outlook Web Access Premium and Outlook Web Access Light (a stripped-down version of Outlook Web Access Premium). Outlook Web Access (hereafter referred to as OWA) Premium can be accessed in supported browsers (click here for the full list) regardless of operating system. Any other browser will automatically display OWA Light by default, although the option is given when logging in through Internet Explorer to display the Light version as well.

The chart below shows which features are available in which edition of OWA.

Feature OWA Premium OWA Light
Create meetings/appointments Yes Yes
Creating tasks Yes Yes
Flags/categories Yes No
HTML message formatting Yes No
Type-down searching Yes No
Scheduling Assistant Yes Limited (no free/busy grid, only suggested times)
Add/edit rules Yes No
Calendar views (e.g. monthly, weekly) Yes Limited (day view only)
Right-click menu Yes No
Drag-and-drop functionality Yes No
Customizing Appearance Yes No
Accessibility for blind/low vision users No Yes


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