How to Configure Outlook 2011 for Macintosh to Use Exchange E-mail

To configure an email account for Outlook 2011, choose the Tools option from the menu bar, and select Accounts…


Alternatively, if you are starting Outlook for the first time you may select Add Account from the welcome screen

From the Accounts window that opens, select the button labeled Exchange Account

Now, enter your account information for the U of M Exchange email server:



Type your U of M Email Address (which should be in the form


For Method: select User Name and Password


In the User name: field type "AD\" followed by your UMnetID (for example, "AD\smithj")



Click on Add Account and Outlook will begin auto-detecting the email server. This step may take several minutes.



When the box disappears, the Accounts window will show your detected email account. If you are unsatisfied with the name shown in the Full name: field, you can correct it by typing your name as you wish others to see it. When you are finished making changes, close the Accounts window.



Outlook is now set up and configured.






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