How to Create a New Recurring Meeting in Exchange Calendar Using Outlook 2010 for Windows

1. Open Outlook 2010 for Windows and log into your Exchange account.
2. Click the Calendar button in the lower left hand of the screen.

3. Click the New button.

4. Enter the Subject and Location of the meeting into their respective fields.
5. Adjust the Start Time and End Time of your meeting (Note: includes both a date and time drop down menus).
6. If desired, you can enter a description, agenda, and/or notes on the bottom of the screen.
7. Press the Recurrence button on the Ribbon toolbar.

8. Select a Recurrence pattern: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Then select the desired intervals on the right. Make sure that a recurrence pattern is selected, otherwise your recurring appointments may not appear.
9. If you wish to end the recurrence at a certain time, configure the Start and End date under Range of recurrence. Click OK.
Note: When creating a recurring meeting; a room Resource can only be reserved one year (365 days) in advance. Any reservation attempts beyond this limit will cause the meeting/class to be declined.
10. Click Save and Close. All instances of the meeting should appear on your calendar.

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