How to Create a Group Schedule in Exchange Calendar Using Outlook 2007 for Windows

Group Schedules give you an overview of several accounts and resources in order to determine other people and resources’ availability. Unlike the Scheduling Assistant, Group Schedules does not have to have an appointment open in order to use it.

1. Open Outlook 2007 for Windows and log into your Exchange account.

2. Click on the Calendar button on the lower left corner of the Outlook window.

3. Press the View Group Schedules button in the toolbar.

4. Click the New button.

5. Enter a name you want to give to this group. Press OK. The Group Scheduler will come up.

6. Enter a person’s name or e-mail address in one of the Group Members field on the left side of the window. Press Enter. If Exchange recognizes the name, it will display if the person's full directory name.

7. Repeat step 6 for all people and resources you wish to include in your group schedule.

8. To remove a name, click on the person or resources' name and press the Backspace key. Then, press Enter.

9. Click Save and Close at the bottom of the window.

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