How to Notify Your Blackberry When You Create a Meeting in Exchange Calendar Using Outlook 2007 for Windows

1. Under Mail option (not Calendar). Select Tools, then Rules and Alerts …

2. Click on the New Rule… tab.

3. Highlight Check messages after sending, then click Next.

4. Check which is a meeting invitation or update, then click Next.

5. Check Cc the message to people or distribution list, then click on the people or distribution list link in the lower panel.

6. Select the Name only radio button, then enter your Blackberry email address in the To field. Click OK.

7. Verify the information. Click Next.

8. Don’t enter anything for exception. Click Next.

9. Provide a name for the rule. The default works fine. Check Turn on this rule, then click Finish.

10. Click OK. NOTE: This rule only works on this computer and is directly within Outlook (web version does not apply).

11. You just created the rule. Now click OK.

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