How to Add a Delegate in Exchange Calendar Using Entourage 2008 for a Macintosh

Delegate Permissions are powerful and complex. In most cases, we strongly recommend a simpler method of setting Sharing Permissions.

1. Open Entourage 2008 for a Macintosh.

2. On the Menu bar, select Entourage, then click Account Settings.

3. Double-click your Exchange account to open the Edit Account window.

4. Click on the Delegate tab.

5. Click the Add button.

6. Enter the person's full name or enter the directory id for the person you wish to give delegate access to in the search bar and click Find.

7. Select the correct name from the list and click OK.

8. Adjust the permissions you wish to give the delegate for your calendar. You may also wish to give your delegate access to other sections of your Exchange account. (Note: Below is a detailed list of the different Permission Levels offered by Exchange.)

9. Click OK on the Delegate Permissions page and OK on the Edit Account page. The delegate should now have access to that area of your account.

Exchange Access Rights Explained

Exchange offers you the ability to give others varying levels of access rights. The levels of permission that a delegate can be granted are as follows:

  • Author: As a delegate, you can read and create items, and modify and delete items you create. For example, a delegate can create task requests and meeting requests directly in the manager's Task or Calendar folder, and then send either item on the manager's behalf.
  •  Editor: As a delegate, you can do everything an Author can do, plus modify and delete the items the manager created.
  • Reviewer: As a delegate, you can read items; for example a delegate with Reviewer permission can read messages in another person's Inbox.

If you wish to add an organizational group (your entire unit, for example), select Name only for the Search: choice, then click on the drop-down menu under the Address Book and select All groups. A list of all the Exchange groups will appear; scroll through the list and select the group which you wish to have the access and either double click on the group or select the group and click the Add button and then click OK.

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