Setting up your Blackberry 10 for Exchange: Configuration Guide

1) On your BlackBerry 10’s home screen, tap on Settings.

2) Tap on Accounts.

3) Scroll down and tap on Advanced.

4) Tap on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

5) Give your ActiveSync account a name in the Description field. Type "ad" in the Domain field blank. Enter your umnetid/username in the Username field. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.
Enter your password in the Password field. Enter in the Server Address field. All other values can remain at their default settings. Click on Next.

6) Select the elements you wish to sync and then tap on Done but do not select Memos as it might cause sync issues.

7) If you have multiple accounts, you may select which one is considered to be the default account by tapping on Set Default.

8) Select both the default email account and the default calendar while sending meeting invites.


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