How To Automatically Filter Junk Mail Using Outlook 2007 for Exchange Mail

This document will describe how to automatically filter messages as junk, and how to manage the level of junk e-mail protection in Outlook 2007. In order to complete these instructions, you need to have Outlook 2007 set up to work with your Exchange account. Instructions for setting up your mail client to work with Exchange can be found in the article How to send a Message to Junk Mail Using Outlook 2007 for the Exchange Server

1. Open Outlook 2007, right-click a message, hover over Junk E-mail, and click Junk E-mail Options.

2. You will see the Junk E-mail Protection window appear. In this window, you can tell Outlook how you would like it to handle your junk e-mail. If you never want Outlook to send a potential spam message to junk, for example, you should select "None." If you change the setting to "High" you run the risk of valid e-mail being sent into the JunkMail folder. The default setting should be set to "Low."

Notice that the other tabs in this window, "Safe Senders" and "Blocked Senders," allow you to specify which people you trust, and which you do not.

3. When you are done making changes, click OK.


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