Sending Mail from a Shared Mailbox in Entourage 2008

Note: The owner of the account must give you full permissions to the mailbox before you send mail from the shared mailbox.

In order to send e-mail from a shared mailbox in Entourage 2008, you must add the mailbox first to the Entourage folder list. For information on how to add the shared mailbox, see Accessing a Shared Mailbox (Formerly Generic Account) in Entourage for Exchange Mail (Faculty/Staff).

1. Open Entourage 2008. If necessary, log into your Exchange account using your Full Name and Password.

2. In the Mail section of Entourage, click the New button to compose a new message.

3. Above the To and CC fields there is a drop-down box labeled From. Click From and select the Shared Mailbox.

4. Fill in the names of the recipients in the To and CC fields. Compose your message and press Send.


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