How to Check your SPAM Quarantine

1. Here are the instructions on how to check your spam quarantine to release messages, add a sender to your safelist, or delete the message.

2. Login with your UMnetid and password for email.

3. Once you are logged in you will see the list of emails in your Spam Quarantine.  From here you can put a check mark next to a message and from the action drop down you can select to release the message, release message and add user  to safe list (so they are not caught in Spam again), or delete the message.

4. You can click on the message link to find more information on the message. 

5. From the message screen you can also select the action drop down where you can release the message, release and add to safe list, or delete the message.  You can have a maximum of 100 users on your safe list and messages will be automatically deleted from the quarantine after 30 days.



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