How to Sync a Blackberry OS5 with an Exchange E-mail Account

User must have an Exchange email account. User must also have a BES activation password.

Applies To: Blackberry OS5.x
1. Select the Options Icon (some Blackberry devices, such as the Bold will find this under the Settings icon)

2. In the Options Menu

  • Go into the Advanced Options
  • Select Enterprise Activation

3. Enterprise Activation


  • Enter your e-mail:
  • Enter your e-mail password:
    • Note: The password was provided in the migration letter, unless it has already been changed.
    • Leave activation server field blank if option exists, and do not alter PIN
    • On newer Blackberries, there could be a Server or Domain text box. Leave that field blank.

    enterprise activation

    4. Activate
    Click on the Menu Button
    Select Activate

    5. Syncing

    • Syncing times will vary depending on the account size.
    • Syncing could take 30 minutes and longer for large accounts.
    • When activated, a pop-up Activation Complete should appear. Click OK and you are finished.


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