How to Create a New Recurring Meeting in Exchange Calendar Using Outlook Web Access (OWA) Light

NOTE: OWA Light works with most browsers except Internet Explorer, which defaults to OWA Premium.

1. Create a new appointment or meeting by selecting New on the Menubar, then click Appointment or Meeting Request button.

2. Fill out any required fields, including Attendees (if you are creating a meeting), Subject, Location, and Time.

3. Click the Recurrence button in the blue bar at the top of the window.

4. In the window that opens, set how often you want the meeting or appointment to occur.

Note: When creating a recurring meeting; a room Resource can only be reserved one year (365 days) in advance. Any reservation attempts beyond this limit will cause the meeting/class to be declined.

5. Click the Save button to save your changes.

6. You will be taken back to the meeting. When you are ready to send out the invitation, click the Send button (or the Save and Close button, if you are creating an appointment).

The changes will be reflected on your calendar.

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