Setting up your Blackberry for Exchange: Configuration Guide

The following instructions will guide you though connecting your Blackbery device to the Uiversity of Manitoba's Exchange email system.

Setup Options - BIS versus BES

There are currently two ways of connecting your Blackberry device to Microsoft Exchange, by using either “BIS” or “BES”. The purpose of this document is to explain the differences between these two methods, allowing you to make the choice that’s right for you.

What is BIS?

BIS is the Blackberry Internet Service, which provides internet access to your Blackberry device, controlled by your carrier (MTS, Rogers, Telus, etc). Using BIS, you can setup your Blackberry device to send and receive your U of M Exchange Email, though the BIS service. Different carriers will often differ in the levels of BIS service they provide.  Depending on your device and your carrier, you can configure your Exchange email account on your device (using a similar method you would use to use any other email address on your device) to send and receive your U of M Exchange Email.

What is BES?

BES stands for Blackberry Enterprise Server. The U of M has a Blackberry Enterprise server, available for use by all U of M Exchange users.

Connecting your Blackberry device to the U of M BES server provides a more complete synchronization of your Exchange account with your device. The key services BES provides are: Email, calendar, address book, and to-do list synchronization. BES has the ability to provide additional feature sets that may be offered in the future

BES vs. BIS - the difference

  • Email inbox download only
  • Account is setup through your Carrier’s BIS service as regular email account
  • Your carrier's BIS service must support Exchange Email (MAPI)
  • Email Inbox synchronization and ability to view all mail folders
    Calendar, address book, and to-do list synchronization
  • Must first have a BES account and activation code.

    Important notes for those using their personally owned device on BES

    * Activating your device using BES will enforce a security policy requiring you to have an unlock PIN on your device.

    * Once your device has been setup on the BES server, it can ONLY BE REMOVED BY BACKING UP YOUR DATA, FOLLOWED BY A COMPLETE DEVICE WIPE (using Blackberry Desktop or alternative utilities). See your Departmental Computer Rep for help.  Data on a personal Blackberry device will is the responsibility of the user to ensure data is backed up properly. BES support will generally not be provided for personal devices.

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