Blackberry Enterprise Server - Accounts and Activation Codes

What do I need a BES account for?

A BES account (and activation code) is required in order to connect your Blackberry mobile device to the University of Manitoba's Blackberry Enterprise Server. For information on configuring your Blackberry device to work with Exchange, please visit our Blackberry Configuration Guide.

How can I get a BES account?

A BES account (and activation code) can be obtained by requesting one from the IST Service Desk

Note that activations codes expire after several days.

How do I get a new activation code

If you are trying to activate a new device, or activating a device more than several days after you had originally recieved your activation code, you will need a new activation code.

Activation codes can either be reset by a request to the IST Service Desk, or via Blackberry Web Desktop Manager, a self-service facility to access your BES account.

Resetting your activation code yourself

  1. Visit the Blackberry Web Desktop Manage
  2. Login
  3. Click 'Create an Enterprise Activation Password'
  4. Type in an activation code and click 'Set the enterprise activation password'

  5. You are now ready to activate your device on the BES server.
    Please visit our Blackberry Device Configuration Guide.



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