VPN - Installation and Configuration Steps for Windows

Download and install the correct version for your windows operating system accepting all default prompts. NOTE: University provided laptops may have the VPN software already installed. In such cases, follow the connection instructions described after the client is installed.

Windows 64bit (link to installer)        Windows 32bit (link to installer)

Please note: For instructions on determining if your computer is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows. Click here.

If prompted install any additional components that are required. Once the install is completed you can launch Junos Pulse from the system tray

1) Double-click and run the installer file
2) Click Next

click Install


click Finish



3) Click the "+" sign to configure the connection.

vpn plus

4) Enter the name of the connection: UOFM-VPN and Server URL. Pick from the drop down menu, your connection.

vpn4 pulse secure screenshot

Your options are:

  • vpn.cc.umanitoba.ca (preferred)

  • vpn3.cc.umanitoba.ca

  • vpn4.cc.umanitoba.ca

5) Click Add

6) Click connect.

7) Click Proceed
vpn windows proceed

15) Sign in and enter username, password and choose your realm (student, staff or vendor). Click Sign In


 NOTE: The vendor realm is only accessible through vpn.cc.umanitoba.ca

16) Select your authentication method and click. Check your device and authenticate.

vpn push

17) Check your authenticating device and click approve. Open the Duo mobile app, if necessary.

Mobile device approve

17) You now have secured access.


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