Human Resources VIP Installation

IT support staff should follow these instructions to ensure the installation of all needed components of VIP on their users' systems.  Some users will still need to access the VIP 6G environment while they await training.

Installation requirements:

1) Copy the new install to the local hard drive
2) New client is located in T:\Software Distribution\VIP7G\VIP2017_Client (Your department technician will have rights to access the folder)
3) Run the install.cmd with administrative rights.
4) Verify that the new shortcut is on the user’s desktop or the All Users Desktop.
5) Verify that the new client launches and displays the logon screen.
What does the script do?
The script runs four commands:
1. Install the V.I.P. pre-requisite
2. Install V.I.P. client in a new folder to ensure old client is not wiped
3. Copies the new icon file
4. Copies the new shortcut on all users’ desktop
You can make changes to the script after copying it local folder to suit your needs.

If there are any problems with the VIP installation process or VIP functionality please report them to the Service Desk at 204-474-8600


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