Proxy Script Setup (for off-campus machines using a router)

Note: This document is for connecting to some University of Manitoba services from off-campus machines running through an internet router. MTS is used as an example.

When accessing certain University of Manitoba applications (such as Aurora INB or AntiVirus) from home via an internet router, you will need to go through a security interface called a proxy server using a proxy script. Once the proxy script is set up on your browser, it will allow you to interface with the University of Manitoba proxy server. Setting up this proxy script will not interfere with your regular internet browsing.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox

    Internet Explorer Setup
  • Open up Internet Explorer browser.
  • Click Tools and select Internet Options from drop-down list
  • Click the Connections tab
  • Click on LAN Settings
  • Check Use automatic configuration script box
  • Enter into the Address box
  • Make sure all other boxes are unchecked
  • Click OK

  • Firefox Setup
  • Open up Firefox browser
  • Click Tools and select Internet Options from the drop-down list
  • Click Connection Settings
  • Check Automatic proxy configuration URL radio button
  • Enter into the box
  • Press OK


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