About Us - Client Services

Client Services is a client-focused, service-based unit in IST that has an overall focus on support services, advising and consulting and serves as the first point of contact for clients. Teams include Client Relationship Management, Service Level Management, Client Support and Service Desk.

K-L Holter - Director, Client Services

IST Client Services
Tel: 204 474 9853
123 Fletcher Argue Building


K-L Holter

Antoine Brownlee - Assistant Director, Client Relationship Management

IST Client Services
Tel: 204 474 9952
129 Fletcher Argue Building


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Brenda McArthur - Manager, IST Service Desk

IST Client Services
Tel: 204 474 9762
127 Fletcher Argue Building


Brenda McArthur

Jeff Haaksma - Manager, Client Support

IST Client Services
Tel: 204 474 9428
128 Fletcher Argue Building


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