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Weekly virtual health and fitness schedule

MONDAY, MARCH 8: International Women’s Day content

TUESDAY, MARCH 9:  Fusion fitness for women with Brenda

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10: WARRIOR WORKOUT: Full body strength circuit

THURSDAY, MARCH 11:  Muy Tai with Bryce

FRIDAY, MARCH 12: FB LIVE @ NOON: Zumba with Lexi


Follow along

  • These full length videos featuring our Rec Services Fitness Instructors will guide you from start to finish through your workout. Varying in length, from 20-45 minutes (depending on the workout), these videos will include a warmup and cool down providing a complete and easy to follow workout experience. You’ll find a range of class and workout types to choose from that require minimal to no equipment such as Tabata, HIIT, Triple Threat, Powerhouse, BodyFusion, Zumba and more!

    Videos will be available below, on-demand as they are posted.
  • group fitness class

Powerhouse full body workout

Cardio, strength and stretch

Body fusion

30 minute, full body HIIT

Body fusion

Full body workout

30 minute full body HIIT

Power fusion

HIIT Cardio Boxing

Abs, arms and glutes


Triple Threat (Cardio, strength, yoga)

Arms and shoulders

Tabata strength


Tabata plus

Zumba with Lexi

7 exercises you can do with your kids

Butt 'n' Gutt

HIIT workout with Fare

10 minute core workout

Zumba with Lexi

Body fusion with Chelsey

Red River jig

Workout warriors

  • These detailed workouts will be laid out in an easy to read format, making it quick and simple for you to complete on your own. These are great options for those who are comfortable with their exercise technique, require less guidance and are looking for new ideas to spice up their at home routines. Workouts will vary in format (including strength, HIIT, tabata, core and more) requiring minimal equipment.

  • A woman working out in the Active Living Centre

Movement and mobility

  • These guided segments will be shorter in length aimed at increasing movement and mobility in your day and body. Add these into your day as a study or work break, as a warm up or cool down or even on a recovery day. Segments will focus on movement, mobility, posture, alignment and range of motion. 

    Videos will be available below, on-demand as they are posted.
  • student exercising in group fitness class

Hip mobility

Full body mobility

Body fusion


Chair mobility

Thoracic spine mobility

Range of motion (part 1 of 2)

Range of motion (part 2 of 2)

Knee pain mobility

NEW UPLOAD: MONDAY, MARCH 1 - Five-minute movement break

Family focused workouts

  • Participate in family-focused workouts as an individual, group or family. Activities can be done indoor or outdoor. Challenge each other to friendly competition or work together to complete the tasks. Use your imagination and have fun.

  • parent playing with child

Learn from the pros

Here you can find information and advice from reliable sources you can trust. Our experts will breakdown current research related to hot topics in ways that are easy to understand, helping you make informed decisions related to your health, wellness and fitness.


Connect virtually with other UM students through the widely-popular recreational world of esports. Check back regularly for upcoming events.

  • Wednesday, March 17

    • 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for a social game of Among Us

    • 8:00 p.m. for competitive Rocket League

    • Cost: Free

    Prizes up for grabs:

    • Among Us raffle
    • Rocket League (3 players/team):
      • $100 visa gift card for each winning team member in Div. A 
      • $50 visa gift card for each winning team members in Div. B 
      • $25 visa gift card for each winning team members in Div. A & B
  • among us

Register by Monday, March 15. 

Here's how:

  1. Join our Discord server and create an account.
  2. Sign up for and install Among Us and/or Rocket League (depending on which game(s) you are playing).
  3. Complete this registration form

Information about installing Among Us:

Option 1: Mobile
Step 1: Install the game on your phone through the app store

Option 2: Computer/Laptop – Bluestacks
Step 1: Follow the Among Us link\
Step 2: Click “Download Among Us on PC” then install the file (this may take a while)
Step 3: Create/Sign-in to your Google account when prompted
Step 4: Install Among Us from the Google Play store

Option 3: Computer/Laptop - Steam
Step 1: Download Steam (a market place for games)
Step 2: Create a Steam account (either on the steam website or after opening the application just downloaded)
Step 3: Open Steam and Log-In
Step 4: Click on “Store” in the top left corner and search for Among Us. This costs $5.69 CAD.

Information about installing Rocket League:

Step 1: Follow the Rocket League link and click on “PLAY FREE!” in the top right corner

Step 2: On the drop-down menu select Epic Games, which will get you to download and install the Epic Games Launcher

Step 3: Create an Epic Games Account

Step 4: Log-in to the Epic Games Launcher and search for Rocket League in the store

Step 5: Download and install the game for free (no Add-Ons are required)

Want to watch the event live? Join our Twitch Stream during the event.

This is event is brought to you by Recreation Services and the UM Esports Club.



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