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Weekly schedule

Check-in every Monday to see what great content is coming out each week.

This week
Day Category Class
Monday Movement and mobility Slow flow and Yin Yoga
Tuesday Follow along Muay Thai with Bryce Offenberger
Wednesday Warrior workout  Instructors choice
Thursday Learn from the pros Old school exercises: Hurdle stretch
Friday Follow along Zumba for pride month
Last week
Day Category Class
Monday   No class
Tuesday Follow along Muay Thai with Bryce Offenberger
Wednesday Learn from the pros Improve your push-ups and pull-ups
Thursday Follow along Bodyweight HIIT with Mija
Friday Warrior workout Outdoor park workout


Follow along

  • These full length videos featuring our Rec Services Fitness Instructors will guide you from start to finish through your workout. Varying in length, from 20-45 minutes (depending on the workout), these videos will include a warmup and cool down providing a complete and easy to follow workout experience. You’ll find a range of class and workout types to choose from that require minimal to no equipment such as Tabata, HIIT, Triple Threat, Powerhouse, BodyFusion, Zumba and more!

    Videos will be available below, on-demand as they are posted.
  • group fitness class

Cardio, strength and stretch

Body fusion

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Full body workout

Power fusion

Abs, arms and glutes


Triple Threat (Cardio, strength, yoga)

Arms and shoulders



7 exercises you can do with your kids

Butt 'n' Gutt

10 minute core workout

Red River jig

Muay Thai

20 minute hip hop dance class

45-minute total body strength

Gentle Hatha & Yin Yoga

Abs & Glutes

Zoom Class: Strong Nation

Warrior workout

Movement and mobility

  • These guided segments will be shorter in length aimed at increasing movement and mobility in your day and body. Add these into your day as a study or work break, as a warm up or cool down or even on a recovery day. Segments will focus on movement, mobility, posture, alignment and range of motion. 

    Videos will be available below, on-demand as they are posted.
  • student exercising in group fitness class

Hip mobility

Full body mobility

Body fusion


Chair mobility

Thoracic spine mobility

Range of motion (part 1 and 2)

Knee pain mobility

Five-minute movement break

Exercises to strengthen and protect your knees

Tips on fixing low back pain

Fixing your butt wink

Standing yoga flow

Neck tension

Biking to work: Warm up and stretches

Beginner's Tai Chi

Body Scan Meditation

Slow flow and Yin Yoga

Learn from the pros

Here you can find information and advice from reliable sources you can trust. Our experts will breakdown current research related to hot topics in ways that are easy to understand, helping you make informed decisions related to your health, wellness and fitness.


UM students are eligible to register for events and compete against participating schools across the country in the Canadian College Esports League (CCEL).

  • Rocket League Tournament
    Saturday, May 29, 2021 | 2 p.m.

    Cost to enter: FREE
    Prizes available to be won


    Participating schools:

  • esports rocket league promotional graphic
  • About the Canadian Collegiate Esports League

    Building inclusive communities in the collegiate space through esports and video games. 

    The CCEL is an intercollegiate organization governed by a group of Canadian post-secondary institutions. The CCEL is proud to host events catering to individuals belonging to a wide range of skill levels, with opportunities for everyone from beginners to experts in a given title.

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