PACS Graduate Programs - Faculty

Students are able to choose from a body of Core Faculty and Faculty Adjuncts who are doing research and teaching in areas relevant to peace and conflict studies. Other faculty members at the University of Manitoba and elsewhere, who hold a doctoral degree, are eligible to apply for status (non-salaried) as Faculty Adjuncts  of the PACS Program.

 Peace and Conflict Studies Core Faculty

Dr. Adam Muller
Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Programs.

Dr. Sean Byrne
Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies
204.474.7979    Sean Byrne

Dr. Jessica Senehi
Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies
204.474.7978    Jessica Senehi

Dr. Maureen P. Flaherty
Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies


Peace and Conflict Studies Support Staff

Ms. Susan Ducharme
Graduate Programs Coordinator


In addition, more than 40 Faculty affiliated with the Ph.D. and Joint Masters Programs as potential thesis committee advisors and members.

Peace and Conflict Studies Adjunct Faculty:

The adjunct list is currently in process of being update. if you have questions, please contact us at or 204.474.8894

Emma Alexander, Ph.D. |  Professor, History (University of Winnipeg)
Denis C. Bracken, Ph.D. | Professor, Social Work
David G. Creamer, Ed.D.
| Assoc Professor, Catholic Studies
Roewan Crowe, Ph.D. | Asst Professor, Women's and Gender Studies (University of Winnipeg)
Neil Funk-Unrau, Ph.D.
| Assoc Professor, Conflict Resolution Studies (Menno Simons College)
Emdad Haque
| Director and Professor, Natural Resource Institute
Patricia Harms, Ph.D | Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies (Brandon University)
Peter Kulchyski, Ph.D. | Professor, Native Studies

Dean Peachey, Ph.D. | Professor, Human Rights (Global College)
Brian Rice, Ph.D.
| Assoc Professor, Education (University of Winnipeg)
Anna Snyder, Ph.D. | Assoc Professor, Conflict Resolution Studies (Menno Simons College)
John Stapleton, Ed. D.
| Professor, Educational Admin, Foundations, and Psychology
Natalie Piquemal, Ph.D. | Professor, Education
Chris Trott, Ph.D | Associate Professor, Native Studies; Warden, St. John's College
John Wiens,  Dean Emeritus and Professor, Educational Admin, Foundations, and Psychology
Andrew J. Woolford, Ph.D.
| Professor, Sociology

Fiona MacDonald | Assistant Professor, Politcal Science, University of Fraser Valley

Al Fuetes | Assistant Professor, Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University

Eliakim Sibanda | Associate Professor, History, University of Winnipeg

Lloyd Kornelsen, University of Winnipeg

Jan Stewart, University of Winnipeg

Joannie Halas B.P.E. Program, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, University of Manitoba.
Allison McCulloch,  Political Science, Brandon University
Uwafiokin Idemudia, African Studies, York University
Robert Phillips, Anthropology, Ball State University
Tom Matyok, Peace and Conflict Studies,  University of North Carolina  Greensboro
Annette Desmarais, Sociology, University of Manitoba
Judith Hughes, Social Work, University of Manitoba
Douglas Brownridge, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

Thomas Matyok

Imani Scott


Michelle Gallant

Dr. Michelle Gallant
Associate Professor of Law