Laara Fitznor

Assistant Professor, Educational Administration, Foundations and Psychology

Address: 236 Education Building, University of Manitoba 
  Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Phone: 204.474.7158
Fax: 204.474.7551

Dr. Laara Fitznor is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations and Psychology.  She has worked to assist professionals in understanding the uniqueness of Aboriginal peoples’ histories, philosophies, cultures, and contributions to Canadian society. Dr. Fitznor has served on a number of boards, councils, committees and grassroots organizations with the focus of advancing principles of diversity, equity and Aboriginal rights, and participation in the culturally appropriate development of Aboriginal peoples and the participation and leadership of citizenry grounded in Aboriginal perspectives. In 2004, she received the Manitoba Hydro Spirit of the Earth Award to recognize her positive environmental achievement in Aboriginal education.

Ed.D. University of Toronto; M.Ed. University of Manitoba; B.A. University of Manitoba.

Areas of Specialization:
Teaching: Aboriginal and indigenous education; access and equity issues in education; anti-racism in education; Aboriginal and diversity perspectives in program/curriculum/institutional planning; cross-cultural education; adult education and community development.

Research: Aboriginal education; teacher development; Aboriginal networking; Aboriginal/indigenous research and ethics.

Recent Publications:
Fitznor, L. (2006). The power of indigenous knowledge: Naming and identity and colonization in Canada. In Julian E. Kunnie & Nomalungelo I. Goduka (Eds.), Indigenous peoples' wisdom and power: Affirming our knowledge through narratives (pp. 51-77). England: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

Fitznor, L. (2005). Aboriginal educational teaching experiences: Foregrounding Aboriginal/indigenous knowledges and processes. [Online proceedings]. Web Address: Centre for Canadian Studies, website:

Fitznor, L. (2002). Aboriginal educators’ stories: Rekindling Aboriginal worldviews (Doctoral dissertation, Adult Education, OISE/UT, Toronto, 2002).

Fitznor, L., Haig-Brown, C., & Moses, L. (2000). (De)colonizing academe: Knowing our relations. Canadian Journal of Native Education, 24 (2).

Fitznor, L. (1998). The circle of life: Affirming Aboriginal philosophies in everyday living. In Dawn McCance (Ed.), Life ethics in world religions. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholars Press.