Brown Bag Lecture Series

2018 Mauro Centre Brown Bag Lecture Series

Since October 2006, the Brown Bag is a luncheon seminar series held on designated Fridays during the regular sessions from 12:00 pm - 12:55 pm in the Mauro Centre Boardroom, 252 St. Paul's College.

The lectures are approximately 30 minutes in length, followed by a discussion period. The lectures are free to attend and open to students, staff, faculty and members of the public. Don't forget to bring your bagged lunch!


Friday February 2, 2018 | 12:00 pm
Genocide in/and Digital Culture: Projects, Prospects, and Challenges
A Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Adam Muller, Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Programs Associate, Professor, Department of English, Theatre, Film & Media
Brown Bag Lecture: Dr. Adam MullerIn this talk, Dr. Muller will discuss some of the ways that emerging technologies are changing the way genocides are being explained, remembered, and understood. From geographical information system mapping, to “holograms” of genocide survivors, to virtual and augmented realities, new technologies are dramatically altering the ways scholars, heritage workers, peacebuilders, and the general public are able to engage with the traumatic past.

Dr. Muller will invite us to consider and critique a number of recent attempts to re-map genocides like the Holocaust digitally, as well as the virtualization of survivor testimony, the use of drones at atrocity sites, and attempts to virtually immerse “users” in DP and refugee camps, concentration camps, and other sites of atrocity.
February 2 | 12:00 | Mauro Centre Boardroom, 252 St. Paul’s College

Friday March 2, 2018 | 12:00 pm
The Ultimate End of All Our Effort and Concern: Well-Being and Well-Becoming
A Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Thomas Falkenberg, Professor, Faculty of Education University of Manitoba
Brown Bag Lecture: Dr. Thomas Falkenberg Humans are purpose-oriented living beings. As such, we are constantly confronted with the core ethical question of how we should live our life and the core moral question what we owe other (human and non-human) beings.

In this presentation, Dr. Falkenberg will present a holistic concept of human well-being and well-becoming as a foundation for responding to these questions as well as some implications such a conceptualization has for education.
March 2 | 12:00 | Mauro Centre Boardroom, 252 St. Paul’s College


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Brown Bag Lecture: Dr. Adam Muller

Brown Bag Lecture: Dr. Thomas Falkenberg

For more information about these and future Brown Bag lectures, please contact the Mauro Centre at or 204-474-7273.