Our Funding Priorities

Our Foundation supports the educational and religious objectives of St. Paul’s College through fundraising activities and the stewardship of investments derived from gifts received from our donors.

The gifts received support our programs and operations and may be directed to one of three main funds. Our current priority is to establish sustainable funding resources for our College, students, and our academic and outreach programming.

To establish your endowed named fund please call 204-474-9148 for more information.

Arthur V. Mauro Peace and Justice Fund

Supports the education, research, and outreach initiatives produced by our Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice at St. Paul’s College.

The General Fund
We regularly receive gifts that are designated for a very specific purpose and immediate needs. These types of gifts may be to help with repairs to Christ the King Chapel or for general activities. These donations are gifted to the College on a timely basis or as need arises; several high priority funds include:

  • SPC General Fund
  • AMC Winnipeg International Storytelling Fund
  • NEBAL General Fund
  • Campus Ministry
  • Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies
  • New Grads
  • St. Paul’s College Leadership Fund

The Endowment Fund
This Fund includes a number of sub-funds with specific terms of reference approved by the College Corporation that includes: funds which support student aid - scholarships, bursaries and prizes; and funds with ongoing programs such as the Hanley Memorial Lecture Series and Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies.

When making your gift to the Endowment Fund, please specify the name of the Fund which you would like your gift designated to:

Scholarship Endowment Funds
Archbishop Wall Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Diane Dowling Memorial Scholarship Fund Endowment Fund
Dr. Adam Giesinger Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Trainor Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dr. Oleh W. Gerus and Mrs. Yvonne M. Gerus Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dr. Y.C. Ma Scholarship Endowment Fund
Ellen Dryden Finlay Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
General Scholarship Endowment Fund
Hon. Peter Taraska Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Hon. Philip S. Lee, C. M., O.M. and Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
Jesuit Scholarship Endowment Fund
Kenneth H. Kustra, CA Scholarship Endowment Fund
Larry and Leta Lee Entrance Scholarship Endowment Fund
Meder Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
St. Paul's College Alumni & Friends Assoc, Inc. Entrance Scholarship Endow Fund
Todd Davison Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
William Briskie Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Wyrzykowski Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
Rosemarie Schilling Finlay Scholarship Endowment Fund
The Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem Ecumenical Endow Fund
The Bob and Marnie Puchniak Family Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund

Bursaries Endowment Funds

Bishop Roussin Bursary Endowment Fund
Charles, Mary, and Josie Kelly Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Dr. Phillip Clark Bursary Endowment Fund
General Bursary Endowment Fund
Hon. Justice Joseph F. O'Sullivan Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
J.D. Donoghue Bursary Award Endowment Fund
James W. McLachlan Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Jeanne Perreault and Marcel Lemaire Bursary Endowment Fund
Joe Brain Foundation Inc. Bursary Endowment Fund
Knights of Columbus Manitoba State Council Bursary Endowment Fund
Margaret A. Murphy Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Marion Bremner Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Matthew Meder Family Bursary Endowment Fund
Peter Grigoriev Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Stella English Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Wyrzykowski Family Bursary Endowment Fund
Emma Shay Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund
Christopher A. Brock Bursary Endowment Fund
Mrs. Louise Adams Bursary Endowment Fund

Prize Endowment Funds
Brian Patrick O'Connell Memorial Endowment Fund
Denny - Newman Strong Prize Endowment Fund
Dr. Karl Schilling Memorial Prize Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Desmond Prize in Medieval History Endowment Fund
Martin Kavanagh Memorial Fellowship Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. P. Burke-Gaffney Memorial Prize Endowment Fund
Timothy E. Desmond Prize in Church History Endowment Fund
The John E. Robbie Prize in Computer Science Endowment Fund

Program Endowment Funds

Desmond Book Endowment Fund
Dr. Paul Forstner Memorial Endowment Fund
Fr. Harold Drake, SJ Library Memorial Endowment Fund
Joseph E. Guertin Memorial Endowment Fund
Fr. J. C. Hanley, SJ Scholars Endowment Fund
The Rector's Endowment Fund
The Jack Stachan Finlay Fine Art Collection Endowment Fund

Campus Ministry Endowment Funds

Audrey M. Hemmons Campus Ministry Endowment Fund

Ignatian Scholars Endowment Funds

Jesuit Endowment Fund
Wyrzykowski Family Ignatian Scholars Endowment Fund


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