Your Gifts

Direct Deposit Donations or Pre-Authorized Giving is available to all parishioners of Christ the King Chapel.

Rather than using the envelopes, parishioners are welcome to register online through

  1. Donations are made on your schedule;
  2. Donations may be directed towards Mass Collections or for Campus Ministry.
  3. Donations are made conveniently and will continue during your vacation or other absences
  4. Special or Diocesan Collections would not qualify for Direct Deposit. Designated envelopes would be made available for these gifts.
  5. Donor cards indicating that you have donated by direct deposit can be picked up as you enter the worship area. This allows you to participate fully in the liturgy when our gifts are being offered.


Or if you prefer personalize assistance with your credit card please call the Community Development Office at 204-474-9148 to set up your monthly pledge (due on or around the 15th of each month)