Over $45,000 in bursaries are available each year. Bursaries are granted on the basis of financial need and involvement in the College. Applications are required and available online. The submission deadline is last Friday in September. Bursary recipients are informed by letter usually in December. Funds awarded are automatically applied to the recipient’s tuition for second term.

Please apply for no more than three Bursaries, and select the ones in which you best suit the criteria for.

Financial Need: Bursaries are granted on the basis of financial need to full-time students registered as a St. Paul's College member for the current session. Full-time students are those registered for at least 60% of a full course load, or 18 credit hours in a program or year. Need represents 50% of the criteria in choosing bursary recipients. Other factors are considered such as special circumstances and involvement in social, spiritual,  and student events at the College or their community. In the case of newly admitted students, these are also factors in determining who receives a bursary. The University of Manitoba Student Financial Assistance Office assesses the level of need.

GPA: Although bursaries are awarded on the basis of need, a GPA of 2.50 in the previous fall/winter session or a C+ average is required for eligibility.

Complete a St. Paul's College bursary and a Manitoba student financial assistance application available online: www.studentaid.gov.mb.ca. In order to be eligible, a student does not need to accept a student loan. If a student is not a Canadian citizen, he/she needs to provide a detailed budget (available online) for the academic year, including all expenses and income. If a student is from another province, a copy of his/her loan assessment from his/her province is required. 

Within 15 days of notification, the recipient must provide a letter of acceptance to the Dean of Studies, otherwise the award will be conferred on another candidate.

Deferral & Ineligibility:
Bursaries may not be deferred, unless approved by the Dean of Studies in writing. Students may be declared ineligible, if their academic circumstances change and they are no longer eligible for the bursary.

Applications are available below. Please download, complete, print, and submit the application(s) by mail or drop off to the General Office (Room 209).


The Mrs. Louise Adams Emergency Bursary (deadline: November 29)
The Joe Brain Foundation Inc. Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Marion Bremner Memorial Bursary
(deadline: September 30)
The Christopher A. Brock Bursary (deadline: November 29)
The Dr. Philip Clark Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The J.D. Donoghue Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Stella English Memorial Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Peter Grigoriev Memorial Bursary
(deadline: September 30)
The Charles, Mary, and Josie Kelly Memorial Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Knights of Columbus Manitoba State Council Bursary (September 30)
The Jeanne Perreault and Marcel Lemaire Bursary
(deadline: September 30)
The Matthew Meder Bursary
(deadline: September 30)
The James W. McLachlan Memorial Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Margaret A. Murphy Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Emma Shay Bursary (deadline: September 30)
The Mr. Justice J. O'Sullivan Bursary (Law | deadline: September 30)
The Wyrzykowski Family Bursary (deadline: September 30)

Income and Expense Sheet (For International Students Only)

Winter 2021 Bursary Application (deadline: March 1, 2021)


Additional Supports

Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)