Food Service Welcome

Welcome, I’m Ian Park my role at the College is to provide food and beverage in the residence, in the Daily Bread Cafe, in Pizza Joe, and to internal and external catering clients. I also help to coordinate repairs to facility in conjunction with the Dean of Residence, the student leadership team, and the Bursar.
My office is located in the residence room 006A, my office phone number is 474-6826, please feel free to contact me to discuss the meals, I am open to any and all questions concerns or ideas. If it's more convenient for you to speak with The Dean of Residence or a student leader, please take advantage of their role to get your message to me.
I would like to welcome you to St John's and thank you for the opportunity to provide you with your meals while you live here.
Residence meals are provided in a self-serve buffet format. Weekly menus are posted just outside of the Residence kitchen, and are also posted on this web page. These menus are written on Wednesdays and begin on Sundays.
The residence meal plan allows you to take as much or as little of the food provided as you are going to eat. Wastage of food left on food trays and plates costs the program and reduces the choices available. So please take your food portions with this in mind. Meals are offered in the residence dining hall and must be consumed in the dining hall unless previous arrangements have been made in the way of bagged or saved meals.
Bagged meal forms can be found just outside the kitchen, they must be filled in one day ahead and given to the staff in either the kitchen (breakfast and saved supper) or Daily Bread Café (bagged lunch)
Fines are issued to students taking food, plates water glasses, cutlery etc. out of the dining hall so please do not do this.
When you are bringing a friend to a meal, please either make sure they have a meal ticket (available from the Dons’ team or the General Office) or that they provide their own food and beverage.
I have been an employee of St John's for over two decades and providing meals for our residence students is very important and rewarding to me.
I like to think that your meals here and the relationships you make as you enjoy those meals are part of a successful university experience.
I look forward to meeting each of you, wishing you great success in your studies!

- - Ian Park - -