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Vision & Mission

The mission of  RCFFN is to lead functional food and nutraceutical research for the improvement of health and nutrition, to support the development of an economically viable functional food industry in Manitoba and Western Canada.

RCFFN has two primary roles in fulfilling its mission statement:

1. Research

To lead functional foods and nutraceuticals research for the improvement of health and nutrition, the following key goals have been identified:

•    Facilitate discussion, discovery and development of new products, analytical techniques, technology and innovation;

•    Focus related research capabilities and human resources currently in place at the University of Manitoba Faculties of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Human Ecology, Medicine and Rady Faculty of Health Sciences;

•    Coordinate multi-disciplinary collaborative research and development efforts necessary for taking bio-actives from identification to ready-for-clinical examination and pre-commercialization;

•    Attract new researchers and scientists involved in related areas of study;

•    Attract, train and retain students in all aspects of research and development in functional foods and nutraceutical studies; and

•    Expand the technical infrastructure available at the University of Manitoba, within the province and the region.

2. Promote an Economically Viable Industry

To promote and support the development of an economically viable industry in Manitoba and Western Canada, the following key goals have been identified:

•    Be a source for scientific and regulatory information concerning bio-active compounds, nutraceuticals, functional foods and natural health product in Western Canada; and

•    Act as a catalyst for the development of plant-based products, increasing the processing of Western Canadian agricultural commodities and the capturing of related economic spin-offs.


Our Values

Opened in 2006, Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals attracted immediate acclaim as one of the most advanced bioprocessing and product development facility in Canada and around the world.

RCFFN is located in SmartPark Research and Technology Park at the University of Manitoba and is dedicated to the discussion, discovery and development of functional foods and nutraceuticals; with a focus on the crops of the Canadian Prairies.  Functional foods and enhanced foods recognized to have physiological and/or disease fighting benefits and nutraceuticals are control-dosage products derived from plants and dairy that have recognized health benefits.  By identifying and enhancing health-promoting compounds found in prairie crops and using them to develop innovative functional foods and nutraceutical/natural health products, researchers at this world-class facility are producing foods today that will translate into improved health and wellness of Canadians tomorrow. 

RCFFN continues its research excellence, partnering with other stakeholders to produce some of the most innovative foods and nutraceutical products on the market.

RCFFN is committed to our clients, our partners and our staff. Everything we do is guided by five values:

• Honesty
• Professionalism
• Pride
• Passion
• Innovation

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