Rental Opportunities
The Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals has the following rental opportunities:

Pilot Plant Space


  • 6ft Supreme Air LV fume hood with electrical outlets, compressed air, distilled water & vacuum
  • 2 flammable storage cabinets underneath fume hood
  • 4 utility pods each containing compressed air, high pressure stream, reverse osmosis water, distilled hot water and distilled cold water and multiple outlets (250 volt, 3 phase, 50 amp; 600 volt, 3 phases, 30 amp; plus standard outlets) 
  • >90ft2 of stainless steel countertop space
  • 7 walled cabinets
  • 12 walled standard electrical outlets
  • 2 drain-sink, part of a 6X2ft stainless steel countertop, soap and paper towel dispensers
  • Eye wash and shower station
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Chemical and Burn First Aid Station
  • 28ft high ceiling
  • 73ft2 anti-chamber with sink, soap and paper towel dispensers and personal lockers
  • Pilot Plant air handler is separate from main hallway & public areas
  • Emergency Exit


Laboratory Bench Space


  • 5ft fume hood with electrical outlets
  • Flammable storage cabinets for solvent storage
  • Panel electrical outlets available for a range of lab equipment, including ground-fault circuits
  • 25 ft2 of countertop space
  • 24ft2 wall mounted cabinet
  • 42" X 30" supply cabinet
  • Eye wash, shower station and first aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher

The RCFFN second floor contains the wet chemistry and analytical laboratories totalling >8500ft2 housing both RCFFN researchers and tenants.  Renting laboratory space at RCFFN affords easy access to the RCFFN analytical equipment (HPLC, MS, GC, clinical chemistry analyzer, fridges, freezers, centrifuge etc.) and laboratory support staff. 

Laboratory Space


  • 437 ft2 space available but can be partitioned down to 251 ft2 if a smaller space is required
  • 4ft fume hood with electrical outlets
  • 9ft x 2ft stainless steel countertop and underneath storage space with 6 doors
  • 3ft x 2ft stainless streel wall cabinet with 2 doors and see through glass
  • 4ft x 2ft stainless steel wall cabinet with 3 doors
  • Eye wash and shower station
  • Sink and towel dispenser
  • 8 standard electrical outlets
  • 2 high voltage electrical outlets
  • Walk in fridge (103 ft2) and freezer (103ft2) is available



Included in all rental fee is:

  • free use of RCFFN common areas such as the small 6-seat boardroom 
  • Large 20-seat boardroom with projector
  • 75-seat lecture theatre with projector
  • easy access to U of M researchers

Subject to additional fees include:

  • Telephone
  • Internet Coverage
  • Warehouse storage
  • Parking

Boardroom and Lecture Theatre

  • Small Boardroom (max 6 people) - $50.00 for a full day
  • Large Boardroom (max 20 people) - $100.00 for a full day
  • Lecture theatre (max 80 people) - $250.00 for a full day
    Half day (0-3.5hours) is 50% of daily rate

Additional charges of $100 for use of A/V Equipment (Projector and PC) - full or half day use.
GST is applicable

Commercial Kitchen

  • 0-3.5 hours = $75.00
  • 3.5-7.0 hours = $150.00
  • Every additional hour over 7 hours =  $25.00

For more information about rental information please contact Michael Janzen at 204-474-6030 or email