John Wesley Dafoe Political Studies Students' Conference 2018
The 2018 J.W. Dafoe Political Studies Students' Conference will be held Wednesday 24 January to 26 January 2018.

Terrorism and Beyond: Defence and Security in a New Age

This three-day conference brings together defence academics and practitioners from across Canada and the United States as well as policy analysts from key government departments (including DND, city police and Public Safety), serving Canadian military, students and members of the public to analyse the key issues and challenges facing Canada as it adapts to new threats, especially terrorism in its many forms.
The four major themes explored throughout the three days are:
Panel 1: Terrorism around the world – Scope of the Problem
Panel 2: Counter terrorism and civil liberties – Approach to the Problem
Panel 3: Media, mobilization and migration – Unintended Consequences
Panel 4: Dealing with terrorism at home and abroad – Potential Solutions
Panel 5: Defence and Security in a New Age - Beyond Terrorism

This event is free and open to the public.

Wednesday January 24, 2018

Keynote Speaker:
Kent Roach, Wilson-Prichard Chair in Law and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
7pm – 7:45pm talk.  7:45pm – 8:15pm Q and A.
“Canada’s Approach to Terrorism: From Neglect to Negligence?”

Thursday January 25, 2018, University of Manitoba, Great Hall

9:45 – Introductions and Welcome
10:00 - 11:15 Panel One: Terrorism around the world
Speaker Institution Topic
Daniel Neep Georgetown University Economics in Syria
Ran Ukashi Mauro Centre Peacekeeping in Lebanon
Shauna Lapman U of Manitoba Immigration
Michelle Gallant U of Manitoba Criminal financing
Moderator  Bryan Peeler U of Manitoba

Thursday January 25, 2018

11h30 – 12:45 PM Panel Two: Counter-Terrorism and Civil Liberties
Speaker Institution Topic
Amar Khoday U of Manitoba Immigration
Tanya Narozhna U of Winnipeg Female suicide bombers
Scott Kolody Assistant Commissioner of “D” Division, Manitoba, RCMP.  The Aaron Driver Investigation, "A Case study on the Pathway to Radicalization"
Moderator Barry Fergusson U of Manitoba

Thursday January 25, 2018

13:30 – 14:15 Panel Three: Media, Mobilization and Migration
Speaker Institution Specialization
Gavin Cameron U of Calgary Terrorism and Resilience: Role of the Media and Public Perception
Kurt Braddock Penn State Types of communication in the processes surrounding the use of terrorism
Tami Jacoby U of Manitoba Terrorism. Who, what, where?
Moderator Len Kuffert University of Manitoba

Friday January 26, 2018

10:00 – 11:15 AM Panel Four: Dealing with terrorism at home and abroad
Speaker Institution Specialization
Khaswer Ahmad Public Safety Canada Communities and ideas about radicalisation
Dave Dalal
Canadian Chiefs of Police, Intelligence Unit Counter-Terrorism
Lorne Dawson University of Waterloo “Home grown” phenomenon
Moderator Andrea Rounce U of Manitoba

Friday January 26, 2018

11:30  - 12:45 - Panel Five: Defence and Security in a new Age
Speaker Institution Specialization
USAF Brigadier General Ireland 1 CAD Deputy-Commander, Canadian NORAD Region (CANR) Defence Priorities – the US Perspective
*Philipp Edwards  Director / Intelligence Production Management / Canadian Forces Intelligence Command Role of Intelligence in Counter Terrorism
Jim Fergusson U of M NORAD: Beyond EvoNAD
Moderator Andrea Charron University of Manitoba

Note: Phillipp Edwards will host a recruitment meeting AFTER the conference at 2pm in Tier Room 215.