John Wesley Dafoe/2015 PSSC Conference - "The Legacy of Great Wars: Marking History and Humanity"

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28 – 30 January 2015
Great Hall, University College
The Great Wars: Marking History and Humanity
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2015 PSSC Conference Summary

Student Organizers
Mr. Paul Aseltine, MA candidate (Political Studies)
Ms. Kimvy Ngo, undergraduate (Political Studies)
Mr. Douglas Fergusson, undergraduate (Political Studies)
Ms. Meagan Cloutier, undergraduate (Political Studies)

About the conference

This free, public conference is dedicated to the study of the Great Wars (given the confluence of anniversaries of WWI (100) start of WWII (75) and end of Cold War (25)) and their ongoing impact on Canadian society.(Please click here to see full bios of panels and schedule)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Keynote: Allan Levine (confirmed) (McNally Robinson Booksellers)
7pm – 7:45pm talk. 7:45pm – 8:15pm Q and A.
“The Impact of World War One and Two on Canada and the West”
Thursday, January 29, 2015 
Location: Great Hall, University College

10:00AM Panel One: World War One
Speakers Institution Specialization
Gene Walz University of Manitoba Canada's Films about WWI
David McDonald U of Wisconsin Russia 1917
Dean Oliver Canadian Museum of History Canada's role in WWI
HLCol Barry Burns, Honourary Lieutenant Colonel 38 Signal Regiment

1:00PM Panel Two: World War Two

Speakers Institution Specialization
Robert Young U of Winnipeg Origins of WWII
Iain Johnston Cambridge Dominions and WWII
Catherine Chatterley U of Manitoba Why We Now Call it Hitler's War: Anti-Semitism and the Origins of WWII
Stephan Jaeger U of Manitoba The Memory and Significance of the WWII in North America, Western and Central Europe in the 21st Century
Moderator: Jeffery Taylor, Dean of Arts, U of Manitoba
2:45 Panel Three: Cold War
Speakers Institution Specialization
Jim Fergusson U of Manitoba Was M.A.D. mad?
Andrew Burtch War Museum Cold War Civil Defence
Kyle Haddad-Fonda Middle East Institute Chinese/Arab Perspective of Cold War
Moderator: Andrea Charron, Deputy-Director, Centre for Defence and Security Studies, U of Manitoba
Friday, January 30, 2015
Location: Great Hall, University College
9:30AM Panel Four: Impact on Humanity
Speaker Institution Specilization
Adam Chapnick Canadian Forces College United Nations/ League of Nations
Melanie Morin-Pelletier War Museum Hom front Impact, Nurses Postewar
James Hanley U of Winnipeg Medicine and the Home Front in Britain
Jody Perrun U of Manitoba Manitoba's contribution to WWII and after effects (suggestion)
Moderator: Terry MacLeod, CBC Radio host "The Weekend Morning Show"

11:30 AM Panel Five: Future of War

Speaker Institution Specialization
Brigadier General Ploughman 2 CAD Commander, 2 Canadian Air Division
Brigadier General Hyde 1 CAD Deputy-Commander, CANR
Bryan Peeler U of Manitoba Geneva Conventions and Reciprocity
Emmanuel Goffi U of Manitoba Drones and the future of war
Moderator: HCol Rempel, Honourary Colonel 1 CAD
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