Armin Wiebe

Armin Wiebe is an award-winning author, playwright, short story writer, humourist, essayist, and novelist.

He is the winner of the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award for his novel Tatsea, and he is also the author of three wonderful comic novels set in the fictional Mennonite town of  Gutenthal, Manitoba. His work is renowned for the musicality of its dialect and dialogue.

Armin spent many years teaching throughout Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, and he also served as writer-in-residence in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Dauphin.  Learn more about Armin at his website.

Past Writers/Storytellers-in-Residence:

Rody Gorman  - Fall 2008

Gregory Scofield - Fall 2007




Some of Armin's Works: