Funded research projects

The Centre on Aging's mandate is to serve as a focal point for the conduct of research on aging. The Centre's main role in the field of research is to coordinate between research affiliates and community representatives, provide access to sources of funding, and distribute findings to administrators, policy makers, practitioners, seniors, caregivers of seniors, and community members at large.

The links below provide information about current research projects in which the Centre on Aging is involved in.

RAIM (Responsible Automation for Inclusive Mobility)

The RAIM (Responsible Automation for Inclusive Mobility) project will address how on-demand, electric autonomous vehicles (EAVs) might be integrated within public transport systems in the UK and Canada to meet the complex needs of older populations, resulting in improved social, economic, and health outcomes.

RAIM Web site

Primary investigator: Professor Ed Manley
Co-investigators: Professor Susan Grant-Muller
External co-investigators: Jens Kandt, Babak Mehran, Michelle Porter

Partnering to explore COVID-19 public messaging and its impact on internalized ageism among older people

In order to intervene and hopefully prevent or reduce many of the possible negative social outcomes shown to be associated with internalized ageism, the UM’s Centre on Aging and the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres are partnering to explore how older people are interpreting and reacting to age-related messaging circulating during the pandemic.

Funder: Partnership Engage Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
Dr. Stephanie Chesser, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management (PI), Dr. Michelle Porter, Director, Centre on Aging (Co-I)

Riverview Health Centre’s Alzheimer’s Centre of Excellence

Funder: Riverview Health Centre Foundation and Mitacs
Dr. Michelle Porter (PI)
Dr. Laura Funk; Dr. Kerstin Roger; Dr. Lorna Guse; Dr. Christina Kelly; Dr. I Fan Kuo; Dr. Shauna Mallory-Hillm(Co-Is)
Associate Director, Nicole Dunn, Project coordinator

An interdisciplinary research team of 10 Research Affiliates are studying renovations of Riverview Health Centre's Alzheimer’s Centre of Excellence.



Listed are links to previous research projects that the Centre on Aging was involved in