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The Centre on Aging's mandate is to serve as a focal point for the conduct of research on aging and it has developed a national and international reputation for research excellence.

The Centre on Aging's main role in the field of research is to coordinate between research affiliates and community representatives, provide access to sources of funding, and distribute findings to administrators, policy makers, practitioners, seniors, caregivers of seniors, and community members at large.

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In addition to acting as the hub of gerontological research in Manitoba, the Centre on Aging also publishes information related to gerontology.

Conceptualizing and Experiencing Aging Before Modernity research cluster (2014–2015)

The cluster Conceptualizing and Experiencing Aging before Modernity intends to create an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas about how the physiological reality of aging was envisioned before modernity. Our intention is to build a bridge between the members of the pre-existing "Group for Pre-modern Studies" (GPS), which operated as a cluster for the last two academic years with the support of the Institute for the Humanities, and the members of the Centre on Aging at U of Manitoba.

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