Current ongoing research areas

The following list represents areas in which gerontological research is currently being conducted by our research affiliates. For more specific information about the current projects in these areas or the researchers who are investigating them, please visit the Affiliates page.

Chronic Disorders

  • Researchers are studying chronic health problems, such as the prevalence of and risk factors for dementia, arthritis, and factors related to depression.

Health Support/Service Use

  • Researchers are studying health service use among older adults, such as nursing home use, hospital use, use of adult day care, rehabilitation, and support services. Issues around end-of-life care are also being examined.


  • Researchers are studying the role of family and friends as caregivers for older adults, the amount and type of assistance they provide, and the effect of care giving on caregivers.

Elder Abuse

  • Researchers are studying financial, physical, and psychological abuse experienced by older adults.


  • Researchers are studying medication-related problems experienced by older adults, the effectiveness of medication in the treatment of chronic health problems, the effect of consumer-oriented drug information, and chemical processes underlying Alheimer's Disease.

Memory/Neuropsychology/Cognitive Processes

  • Researchers are studying the consequences of early brain damage to normal aging, the changes in memory function with advancing age, neuronal plasticity, as well as memory encoding/impairments after stroke, trauma, and seizure activity.

Health and Well-Being

  • Researchers are studying successful aging, self-care practices, substance abuse, nutrition, and older adults' adjustments to changes in health.

Healthy Living

  • Researchers are studying the relation between lifestyle factors, such as physical activity and leisure activity, health and well-being, as well as age-friendly communities.

Transportation and Driving

  • Researchers are studying factors related to older adults' ability to drive, and issues around pedestrian and road safety.


  • Researchers are studying Supportive Housing, and housing needs of individuals with dementia.

Marketing/Consumer Behaviour

  • Researchers are studying advertising directed at older consumers and memory.

Labour Market

  • Researchers are studying the interrelationship between aging, disabilities and the labour market, as well as issues concerning work and income of elderly persons.


  • Researchers are studying intergenerational differences in reactions to Hollywood melodramas.