Equity, diversity and inclusion workshops

We offer a range of workshops, for faculty and instructors, on a variety of equity, diversity and inclusion topics and how they translate to best practices in the classroom. The topics range from an introduction to EDI principles in course design to workshops with a more specialized EDI focus in teaching and learning. 

Health and wellness workshops

Work life balance and mental health and wellness are vital components of developing a sustainable teaching practice. The Centre offers a range of health and wellness workshops to support faculty and instructors in their teaching.

Specialty teaching workshops

The TLC program for new faculty, as well as many foundational workshops, enables the Centre to introduce best practices in teaching and learning. Specialty teaching workshops build on the scaffolding provided by the foundational workshops, and through a selection of specialized pedagogy topics, aims to extend and enrich your teaching practice. 

Experiential learning workshops

With many faculties integrating experiential learning into their curriculum, the Centre has designed a broad range of scaffolded workshops, to support this initiative. These workshops are designed to support every stage of the design and delivery of experiential learning at a post-secondary level. 

Indigenous workshops

These workshops are designed to assist and support educationists toward empowering the learning spirit, ethically and effectively through the lenses of Indigenous knowledges and perspectives. 


Create a custom or faculty-specific workshop
The Centre will meet with your faculty and based on faculty needs, will create discipline-specific, customized workshops for your faculty, college or department.