Mark offers teaching workshops, mentors faculty in the Teaching and Learning Certificate (TLC) program, and participates in initiatives throughout the university related to the integration of technology in teaching and learning.


Mark has been active in higher education teaching and research for over 15 years, focusing on applications of digital technology in design education. His research and teaching interests include the use of open source design methods to support a pedagogy of inclusion and student agency. He has taught graduate courses in information visualization, environmental technology, building information modelling, design research methods, digital prototyping, and virtual reality game design. He has co-supervised three PhD students to successful completion.

In addition to his role at The Centre, Mark maintains an engagement with the Faculty of Architecture as Adjunct Professor. He has developed or co-developed two new courses in the Departments of Architecture and Environmental Design; taught Environmental Design studio; and participated in a funded research project in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Before moving to Manitoba in 2018, Mark was a teacher and researcher at University of Sheffield School of Architecture in England; Design + Media Lab at EPFL in Switzerland; and the Center for Design Informatics at Harvard University where he coordinated a four-year cross-faculty distance learning initiative.


B.A., MArch, PhD



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