Reporting to the Development and Consultation team lead, Jeri is responsible for assisting graduate students and faculty in incorporating Indigenous perspectives within their existing programs and curriculum.


Jerilyn is a member of the Métis Nation in Manitoba with roots embedded in the Red River region. Family, community and ceremony is where she finds her strength, inspiration and passion. Jerilyn was raised in a small, rural community southwest of Winnipeg and has lived in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and at present she resides outside of Winnipeg with her family.  Living rurally with open spaces is important to Jerilyn and her family as they enjoy spending time outdoors with their pets, gardening and connecting with nature.

In 2010, Jerilyn graduated from the University of Manitoba ACCESS Programs with her B.A., B.Ed., where she began working for the following ten years in the field of Adult Education at the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD). Jerilyn began her teaching career at CAHRD where she moved into an administrative role as the Assistant Director of Education. She accredits many of her skills, knowledge and connections in various Indigenous communities to the experience she gained from working within CAHRD. At present, Jerilyn is working on her dissertation from Brandon University in the Masters of Educational Administration program.

Jerilyn joined The Centre in 2020 as an Indigenous Initiatives Educator where she works alongside Leah Fontaine in providing consultations, research, resources and workshops related to Indigenous education, methodologies, pedagogies, epistemologies and support in approaching reconciliation in teaching and learning for faculty and graduate students at the UM. Indigenous education and initiatives have long been a passion for Jerilyn, and she is excited to work and collaborate with colleagues and community to share, learn and grow with one another.

Jerilyn is also a founding member of Sun Rope, an Indigenization, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team (IEDI).

Sun Rope:

In community, we recognize a kinship. This kinship acts as bridge that contains our blood memories, our interconnections of all things, connection with the Sky, the Earth, the four cardinal directions and with our relatives, those that fly, crawl and swim, the four legged and two legged. The title of the “Sun Rope” acts like a bridge, much like a rainbow provided by the Sun, connecting our humanity that collectively employs the Earth’s axis to rotate globally.

In a similar way, we use the metaphor of a Sun Rope to reflect the kinship and connections among Indigenization, decolonization, equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives, and the relationships we form as educators. We recognize the connections and differences in our paths, and work to build bridges to support each other’s diverse aims.


B.A., B.Ed.