Emergency Phones

 Code Blue Poles

code blue pole university of manitoba

Code Blue Poles have been installed in several key remote areas of both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses. These stations consist of a 9 foot high pole that will provide area lighting, project a visible blue light 24 hours a day, and provide instant two-way voice communication with the Security Services Department. The Code Blue Poles are a welcome sight when walking alone at night. These poles are highly visible and strategically placed at various locations throughout the campus. The current Code Blue Stations are located in the following locations:  

Fort Garry Campus:

  • Northeast corner of U Parking Lot
  • West side of Mary Speechly Residence
  • Front of Tache Hall West
  • Northwest corner of B Parking Lot
  • Southeast corner of K Parking Lot - off Dysart Road
  • M Parking Lot -Southeast corner of Stadium Lot
  • North side of University College
  • North side of P Parking Lot
  • South of St. Paul's College
  • Southwest corner L Parking Lot
  • Northwest corner of R Parking Lot
  • Southwest corner of U Parking Lot
  • North side of D Parking Lot
  • Northeast corner of R Parking Lot
  • Parking Lot of Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
  • CTC Parking Lot - East side of Dafoe Road               

Bannatyne Campus:

  • Northwest side of Dentistry Building
  • Northwest side of Brodie Building
  • South side of Brodie Building
  • Tecumseh Parkade    


 Emergency Red Phones

 red phone university of manitoba

Emergency Red Phones can be found on almost every floor of every building located at both Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus. These phones provide 2-way voice communication with the Security Services Department.


When a Code Blue or Emergency Red Phone is activated, Security Guards will be priority dispatched to the location and in most cases, will arrive in under 2 minutes. While the Security Guards are on route, our dispatcher continues to have 2-way voice communication with the caller.