Enhances safety of students, staff and faculty



UM Safe is available for download from

the App Store and Google Play




Video Link Explaining App Features


A mobile safety app called UM Safe has been launched to enhance the safety of students, staff and faculty on campus.  

UM Safe is an essential tool that sends safety alerts and provides instant access to campus safety resources. The app includes features such as “Work Alone”,  “FriendWalk”, as well as a Mobile BlueLight feature similar to the stationary blue lights on our campuses. 

Some of the app features involve interaction with Security Services, and some will be optional — while other features have no interaction with Security Services.

Used by hundreds of higher education institutions and millions of students around the globe, the app was developed by App Armor and is custom branded for the U of M.

The free mobile safety app for students, staff, and faculty is available for iPhone and Android devices. 

The Mobile BlueLight button will only contact Security Services when the person is within the campus Safe Walk boundaries. If outside of the Safe Walk boundaries, the Mobile BlueLight notification will go to 911. 


The Security Services Department has security guards on patrol 24/7 as well as providing additional programs and safety initiatives such as Safewalk/Safe Ride Program, Code Blue Stations and Emergency Red Phones. Please visit the Security Services website for more information on safety initiatives on all our campuses.

Even with these measures in place, everyone on campus is encouraged to take safety precautions such as locking your door when working after regular hours and being aware of your surroundings, especially when working in isolated areas or evening hours, and knowing the nearest locations of the Blue Light/Code Blue stations and Emergency Red Phones.

Blue Light/Code Blue Poles are highly visible and are strategically placed at various locations throughout both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses. These stations consist of a 9-foot-high pole that provide area lighting and project a visible blue light 24 hours a day, and instant two-way voice communication with the Security Services Department.

Emergency Red Phones can be found on almost every floor of every building located at both Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus. These phones also provide two-way voice communication with the Security Services Department.



The app is user-friendly and Security Services encourages students, staff and faculty to download the app and make use of its many features and resources.

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