Confined Space - Program Overview
The University of Manitoba’s Confined Space Program is facilitated by Physical Plant Health and Safety, and is in place to ensure legislative compliance for students, faculty, and staff who may enter confined spaces, and protect them from hazards associated with these spaces. This program addresses how to assess a confined space, the different levels of confined spaces, appropriate personal protective equipment, as well as the minimum training requirements for anyone who has to either enter or act as an attendant at a confined space.

Confined spaces are defined by provincial Workplace Safety and Health Regulations and Code of Practice as:

"An enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • Except for the purpose of performing work, is not primarily designed or intended for human occupancy; and
  • Has restricted means of access or egress
  • Is or may become hazardous to a worker entering it (within it) because of:
  • Its design, construction, or atmosphere.

    The materials or substances in it.

    The work activities to be performed in it or processes used in it.

    Any other conditions or hazards relating to it."


    Physical Plant Health and Safety serves as a technical resource for the University community in establishing confined space protocols. If there are concerns about whether or not a workspace is a confined space, please contact Physical Plant Health and Safety for assistance.