Campus Beautification Day 2019
Come celebrate Fort Garry & Bannatyne Campus Beautification Day with us!

Campus Beautification Days for 2019:

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Campus Beautification Day – Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campus
Thursday May 30, 2019

On Thursday May 30 (May 31 Rain date), Campus Beautification Day activities will begin at 9:00am and go until noon.  Everyone is invited to participate. Afterward, please join us for a lunch time BBQ at the Active Living Centre’s Agora and put your name in to win a prize!  What can participants expect for this upcoming year?

• Flowers will be delivered to all planting sites. (including Administration Building, Arthur Mauro Residence, Curry Place, University Centre Patio and many more
• 2 Coordination Stations will be at EITC and Physical Plant and each will be stocked with donuts, coffee and project ideas.
• Lunch at Active Living Centre’s Agora at noon
• Every year, hand tools are in short supply, so we ask participates if they could bring their own.

 Many of our volunteers traditionally work around the buildings in which they work, which we greatly appreciate. However there will be plenty of opportunities for additional planting along Curry Place and University Centre Patio.  For any questions please feel free to contact us.

Map of Coordination Tables and BBQ Location for Beautification Day

Project List for FG Campus Beautification day

For more information about Campus Beautification Day, including locations of coordination stations, visit

Smartpark- TBD

For more inquiry please contact:

Leah Naumik – 204-474-8912  - Fort Garry Campus

Marco Aguirre -204-789-3792  - Bannatyne Campus